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Benefits of Learning English Online with a Personal Tutor

  • Self-paced Learning,  each lesson is designed to meet each student’s learning needs. You can study at a pace that suits you. Furthermore, your online English Tutoring is just between you and your tutor. This means that you have your Tutor’s full attention throughout the class, getting constant help and feedback on all aspects of English learning.
  • Flexibility – in terms of choice of time, length and content of each lesson. With one-on-one online English tutoring, there’s a lot more flexibility in scheduling your classes. Scheduling regular short lessons with a tutor can help students learn better by practising often specific aspects of the English Language, particularly those you are having difficulty with.
  • Convenience and time efficiency: no wasting time and/or money travelling to a learning centre. Students can have their English Classes from any location of their choice.
  • Minimal distractions: Students taking part in a one-to-one Online English Lesson with a Tutor have no option but to stay active during the class, enhancing their learning.
  • Intensive practice – the student speaks for at least 50% of the lesson’s time, ideally student’s English speaking time should be 80% at a more advanced level.
  • You take part in engaging, personalised & interactive lessons. As it’s only you and your tutor in the online class, it means that the lesson can be based on what you want to learn about, as well as with a focus on any English Language areas which you may feel weaker in. 
  • Having your own online English Tutor provides you with Faster Learning, Improved self-discipline, self-esteem and confidence